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FrontRunner Professional Releases Key Upper Level Domains for Sale

October 13, 2015
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FrontRunner Professional Releases Key Upper Level Domains for Sale

FrontRunner today reaffirmed its positioning as a leader in strategically focused marketing to help their client’s grow their businesses. FrontRunner continues to attract leading funeral professionals who know that in today’s changing market they need much more than a good website or a good piece of funeral home management software if they are going to excel.


“Over the past 15 years we have been acquiring strategic upper level domains to help us both accelerate our business strategy, and help our valued clients accelerate their businesses as well,” cites FrontRunner Founder / CEO, Kevin Montroy. “These key domains can act as an aggressive strategy to increase traffic to the funeral homes business, or can be aggressively used to stand on their own as powerful diversification strategies to drive higher market share in the communities they are launched. For many the timing couldn’t be better, as more and more firms are feeling the pressure of online businesses vying to try and capture their funeral homes’ market.”

Although any individual can purchase these key domains, under the FrontRunner Exclusive Partner Program FrontRunner is making themselves available to assist with a strategic marketing plan and full implementation of the technology and strategy needed to drive the businesses opportunities.


FrontRunner is the industry leader in technology and marketing services for funeral professionals. One look at the company and you’ll understand why so many professionals agree, there is only one FrontRunner.


These upper level strategic domains can be viewed and purchased at  To speak to a FrontRunner representative about purchasing a domain, please contact Jules Green at 1-866-748-3625.