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4 Checks to Ensure Your Facebook Page is Up To Date

October 11, 2015

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4 Checks to Ensure Your Facebook Page is Up To Date

Several years ago author Michael Levine published a book titled Broken Windows, Broken Business in which he proposed that the smallest inconsistencies in a business’ public face can cause potential customers to flee. He cited examples of problems that may give people negative first impressions about a business: messy restrooms, peeling paint, a confusing web site, or when the waiter’s name at a Chinese restaurant is Billy Bob. Tiny details can make a big difference.

With this in mind, could it be that your business Facebook page has several “broken windows?” While numerous potential problems could be cited, in this article I will focus on areas where your page could be outdated…both literally and by not utilizing some newer features in Facebook that have recently been made available. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the information displayed on the About tab correct and up to date? Be sure that you have chosen the most appropriate category to describe your business (most funeral homes would fall under the “Local Businesses” category). Then make sure the various Page Info fields into which you can enter data are updated and as complete as possible.
  • Are you utilizing the “Call to Action” button? The Call to Action option allows you to display a clickable button on your page that gives viewers several choices like “Shop Now” or “Contact Us.” The Call to Action option appears near your page’s Like button. It is easy to edit, and can prompt a viewer to quickly take a next step toward utilizing your services.
  • Is there a Message button on your page? The Message button also appears near your Like button and allows viewers to quickly and easily send you a private message. To enable this feature (if you haven’t already), go to your page’s General settings and check the box to allow people to privately message your page. Of course, this requires you to consistently monitor the activity on your page.
  • Have you considered featuring a video? It’s easy to include a video on your business home page. The video will appear at the top of the page when viewers click the About tab. To include a Featured Video on your page, start by uploading a video to the Videos tab. Afterward, you get the option to add it as a Featured Video. When you click the option to feature a video, you choose a video to feature from one of the videos you’ve uploaded. Add a description for the video and you’re all set!

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Mark Thogmartin, VP of Business Development at DISRUPT Media

Dr. Mark Thogmartin is a life-long educator, working with students from Kindergarten through the doctoral level. He has degrees from the University of Kentucky, the Ohio State University, and Andrews University. Mark’s book, Teach a Child to Read with Children’s Books, has gained wide acceptance among reading tutors and parents who are teaching their children at home. In addition to assisting his son, Ryan, at DISRUPT Media as Vice President of Business Development, he works part-time as a mentor of doctoral students at Capella University. Mark and his wife Donna live in Millersport and are the parents of three adult sons and the grandparents of two beautiful granddaughters.