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Qeepr Launches Mobile Memorial and Wayfinding App

October 7, 2015

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Qeepr Launches Mobile Memorial and Wayfinding App

Qeepr Mobile App launches, providing users access to online memorials and cemetery and mausoleum directions.

Montreal, Canada –September 21, 2015 – Social memorial platform, Qeepr, officially launched a mobile application today. The app, simply called Qeepr Mobile, extends the current memorialization functions of the flagship site, while adding additional features to help users find and discover the history and genealogy of the departed when visiting cemeteries and mausoleums.

“Laptop and desktop computer usage is declining, so we wanted to create an experience specifically tailored to the smartphone” said founder Mandy Benoualid. “It’s also a great opportunity to leverage the capabilities of mobile devices and expand the tools we offer people looking to commemorate the departed.”

Beyond the traditional obituary, the new application lets users add their own memories to an online memorial, making it easy to share video or photos of a person with others who are connected to the Qeepr profile. Qeepr Mobile offers the ability for people to geotag the physical monument with precise geographic information. This feature provides users with instant directions, making it easier for others to find and visit a final place of rest

qeepr-mobile“Our goal is to take away the minor stresses associated with paying your respects to a person, and to create a unique storytelling experience. The geotagging is quick and easy, letting Qeepr act as your personal guide within a cemetery, while also helping families preserve a lifetime of memories.” Benoualid continued. “We’ve also made it possible to find an online memorial without having to apply anything to the monument.”

Dubbed Qfind, the new function allows a user to snap a photo of a monument face and, using a new technology, the Qeepr app will identify the text, and search the site for any memorials related to the name and dates. If a memorial is found, it is instantly displayed, allowing the story to be shared and condolences to be left for the family. In the event that no memorial is found, the user can choose to create one and share the story publicly or privately.

“We are excited to be able to extend our offering to our current clients and partners,” Benoualid shared. “Cemeteries and funeral homes currently using Qeepr memorials- either independently or integrated to their website- can now provide even more value to their families. Our users can now collaborate, share and commemorate their loved ones from anywhere.”

Qeepr Mobile is currently available in the Google Play store and will launch in the Apple iTunes store within the coming weeks.

About Qeepr

Qeepr is a social utility dedicated to memorializing the lives of the departed with the aid of modern technology. The first of its kind, Qeepr Social Memorials provide families with the tools and technology to preserve the memories a loved one online. Friends and family can leave condolences, upload photos, like, share, comment, connect, and remember those who are dearly missed. Qeepr’s latest mobile application allows you to Geotag and receive directions to any monument in a cemetery. Create a Free Memorial or Free Organization Page Today: