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FrontRunner Professional Launches New Company Website

September 27, 2015

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FrontRunner Professional Launches New Company Website

FrontRunner recently launched their most advanced corporate website to date. Built by their in-house design and marketing team and complete with product-specific information, education tools and unbelievable design work, it is unlike anything they’ve built before.

“At FrontRunner, we do a lot and many funeral directors still see us as a funeral website provider and do not know all that we can do for them. Our completely integrated, single-data-entry technology solution coupled with our new services and strategy division gives funeral homes everything they need to succeed and more.” says Marketing Director, Ashley Montroy. “The recent launch of our Exclusive Partner Program and the nationally branded cremation and pet loss business solutions to help funeral homes grow new market share gave FrontRunner one more arm and we knew it was time to reset the message so everyone knew all that we could for them.”

The release of the next evolution of the Pulse Business System, winning last year’s NFDA Innovation Award and being nominated again for the 2015 NFDA Innovation Award, made FrontRunner’s new website more important than ever. The site will continue to evolve and will be updated as FrontRunner continues to bring new products, services and turn-key solutions and strategies to funeral homes world-wide.

“Funeral homes need much more than a website to succeed today and in the coming years. As a funeral director for more than 30 years, I know funeral homes need help in these changing markets.” says CEO/Founder, Kevin Montroy. “Our new corporate website was built to showcase all of the ways FrontRunner can help them use technology to grow their business, successfully enter new markets and dominate in their community; and our vision, expertise and technology will set them apart from the rest to truly be the FrontRunner in their community” adds Montroy.

We invite you to visit the new website at and take some time to learn all about what FrontRunner is doing to help the funeral profession and to help our clients we have the privilege of serving.