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What is Passare and How Are They Reimagining the Funeral Experience?

July 2, 2015

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What is Passare and How Are They Reimagining the Funeral Experience?

Funeral care providers are facing a number of changes and challenges in the profession today. Families are dispersed throughout the country, making it difficult to gain consensus on arrangement details in a timely manner. There is also an increasing need for better technology and communication services throughout the arrangement process and leading up to the funeral service itself.

Passare helps funeral professionals connect and collaborate with families anywhere, any time, from any device.

We had the opportunity to get valuable one-on-one time with Kelly Gilgenbach, Passare Director of Strategic Sales, to find out what is driving the companies innovation.

Watch the video below.

Collaboration Center

Unlike any other software or funeral administration service, Passare offers an online Collaboration Center where families and funeral directors can collaborate on arrangements in real time. Families are able to explore service options, enter vital statistics, and collaborate on the obituary, saving time for both the family and the funeral director. Once at the funeral home, families can then discuss what they really want to with the funeral director – how to celebrate the life of their loved one.

Arrangement Module

Passare’s system not only helps families save time and improve communication, it also helps improve operational efficiencies within the funeral home. Passare’s Collaboration Center is fully integrated with the Arrangement Module, the most advanced cloud-based case management system for funeral homes in the industry. Any changes to the consumer side or the funeral home side are immediately reflected in the system, plus funeral directors can access cases on the go from any mobile device.

A Trusted Network

Passare’s growing network of trusted funeral care providers offers greater visibility to independently owned funeral homes and creates the opportunity to connect with families that have never been served before. From, families are able to search for local funeral care providers within the Passare network, bridging the gap between out-of-town families browsing the Internet and local, independently owned funeral homes.

What Funeral Professionals Are Saying

In general, funeral professionals who are using the Passare platform are reporting increased revenue per call, improved operational efficiency within the funeral home, reduced errors, and enhanced customer satisfaction, in addition to saving an average of 30-45 minutes per arrangement when utilizing the Collaboration Center.