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NFDA Endorses Hunter Warfield to Assist Funeral Homes with Debt Collection

August 31, 2009

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NFDA Endorses Hunter Warfield to Assist Funeral Homes with Debt Collection

image The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) recently entered into a new endorsed-provider partnership for its secure collections program. Hunter Warfield, Inc., a firm specializing in collections and asset investigation, will offer NFDA members an exclusive money-saving pricing structure as its experts work to collect debts while preserving a funeral home?s relationships with families.

Hunter Warfield has more than 25 years of experience collecting past-due accounts. The company?s approach to funeral service collections ? improving cash flow while retaining customer loyalty ? has resulted in the liquidation of nearly 50,000 delinquent accounts.

Hunter Warfield new endorsed-provider partnership offers several distinct offerings for NFDA members:

  • An exclusive fee and rate structure available only to NFDA members. Additionally, Hunter Warfield offers contingency-based collections, meaning there are no upfront fees; funeral homes are billed when Hunter Warfield successfully collects on an account.
  • An experienced team that understands the funeral service profession. Team members will develop a customized collection strategy based on a funeral home?s business objectives. Hunter Warfield collection specialists receive extensive training on topics such as collection laws and advanced negotiation tactics, and are certified by the American Collectors Association and the International Association of Commercial Collectors.
  • Real-time online reporting allows clients to see the status of accounts placed in collection at any time.
  • Litigation is rarely necessary, but should the need arise, Hunter Warfield?s legal team stands ready to assist clients.

    For more information, association members should call their personal NFDA member services representative at 800-228-6332 or visit