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Tukios Announces New Feature to Eliminate Scanning Photos for Memorial Videos

April 19, 2015

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Tukios Announces New Feature to Eliminate Scanning Photos for Memorial Videos

Ogden, Utah – April, 13, 2015 – During the Annual ICCFA Convention this past week, Tukios introduced a new feature that eliminates the tedious task of scanning photos for tribute videos. Families can now upload their pictures directly to the funeral home to be used in the video. As many families already have digital archives of their photos this is a much more convenient way for them to contribute their photos to the memorial video. The funeral home retains control of the video but saves the funeral director a significant amount of time.


“Our goal has always been to reduce the time it takes to turn a shoebox full of photos into a beautiful HD video,” said Curtis Funk, founder and “Dreamer” at Tukios. “We’re very excited about our new photo uploader as this single feature has the potential to cut that time in half.”

The feature works by adding a unique link to every video that can be given to the family. The link leads to an unbranded site where the family can upload photos and video clips. The site is compatible with all operating systems including mobile devices. The feature is immediately available to all Tukios users, free of charge.



About Tukios:

Tukios provides cloud-based memorial video software now serving thousands of funeral homes all around the globe. It helps funeral directors produce stunning tribute videos in just a few minutes. Tukios is seamlessly integrated into many of the largest brands in the profession including FuneralNet, Tributes, Consolidated Funeral Services, FuneralTech, Bass-Mollett, Messenger, and FrontRunner. You can learn more about Tukios at their website