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Scented Fluids Now Offered By Pierce Chemical

March 17, 2015

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Scented Fluids Now Offered By Pierce Chemical

BROADVIEW, IL, MARCH 17, 2015 – Pierce introduces their NXT™ line of cucumber-melon scented embalming fluids to address the annoying formaldehyde odors in the prep room and lingering on the clothing of those who work in the prep room. 

The revolutionary Pierce NXT fluids combine a blend of scents and penetrating agents that result in pleasant-to-use products without compromising effectiveness.

“Innovation in a bottle is how we characterize our NXT fluids,” states Lance Ray, COO/Executive Vice President at Pierce. “True, it makes a nice advertising slogan, but it truly is an innovative product that was developed in direct response to customers who have long complained of the unpleasant chemical odors that affect their working environment.”

Cucumber-melon was selected as a scent with widespread appeal, often chosen by consumers for products ranging from soaps and lotions to air fresheners and candles.

Pierce also considered the ever-increasing female demographic among funeral professionals, responding to their female customers who expressed the strongest interest in embalming fluids that were less overwhelming.

“I can’t tell you how many women professionals told us they would love something like this,” Ray points out. “Residual odors on their clothing have always been an issue with many women, but I suspect this product will also resonate with men.”

Pierce NXT fluids now available include NXT 22, a medium tissue fixation arterial fluid; NXT 30, a deep tissue fixation arterial fluid; and NXT 20, a rapid-firming cavity fluid.

To get more information on Pierce NXT fluids, go to or call 800.527.6419.