Oh, the Ambiance You’ll Create!

Customer Service Funeral Industry News January 25, 2015

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Oh, the Ambiance You’ll Create!

Article by Shannon Cummings Plotkin, Life Celebration, Inc

There is a restaurant in town that you’ve been meaning to check out. You’ve smartly made reservations ahead of time, and you eagerly approach the front of the restaurant. You enter the dimly lit eatery and are taken on a sense driven journey: you can feel the plush booths the color of a ripe cherry, you see the bustling kitchen; you can hear and just about taste the sizzle of a fresh filet hitting a pan. You love this place, and you haven’t tasted a crumb. Another thing is for sure, you’re telling everyone about your experience, and you’re certainly coming back.

What if the picture I painted above were different, what if it sounded like this (same premise): Walking into the restaurant you see chairs and tables being haphazardly moved about, employees rushing around each other and guests. You smell something burning, the music is too loud, and you think you just stepped on a french fry. Another thing is for sure, you’re telling everyone about your poor experience, and you’re certainly not coming back.

Above are examples of sensory assessments. All of our clients perform an evaluation each time they come into our businesses, whether we like it or not, forming an impression, negative or positive. If you’re unsure whether you always fall into the positive category, don’t fear, we know some experts that can help! If we look at Pine & Gilmore’s “5 Senses Plus” model, we realize how easy it can be transform a space.

You don’t need to make renovations that require permits and sledgehammers; nor do you need a completely new staff to improve your business environment, all you have to do is follow the “5 Senses Plus” model and be able to honestly evaluate your business. From there, walk around and see where you can incorporate sensory additions.

We believe that simple details lead to big transformations- creating experiences. It is the white bow on the box from Tiffany’s; the name on the side of your coffee cup at Starbucks; seeing yourself on the jumbotron at a baseball game. These are simple enhancements that are in addition to the overall product or event. The enhancements undoubtedly heighten and extend the experience. Can you imagine these examples being as special without the simple additions?

Quick fixes for updating the atmosphere of your business:

What is the artwork like on the walls, you may have 10 different drawings of your building and the town, but are there any interesting pieces of art or well-known prints?

Do you have a clean and plentiful refreshment area? Keurig and Nespresso machines are a small investment that make a big impact. They also don’t require much maintenance.

Instead of a water cooler, how about a small refrigerator with water and soft drinks? The simple additions are endless.

There are many simple solutions to creating an inviting environment. What are some personal touches you incorporate in your funeral home?