Funeral Professionals Already Hate This New Funeral Home Reality Show

Death Discussions Funeral Industry News Reality Shows January 14, 2015

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Funeral Professionals Already Hate This New Funeral Home Reality Show

On Monday we shared a link to a sneak peek of the new funeral home reality show ‘Wrestling with Death‘ about a family that runs a funeral home by day and a professional wrestling federation by night.

We also shared this link on our Facebook page and the response was horrible. Funeral professionals are pissed and think this is going to be awful for our profession.

Here are a few of the responses from funeral professionals who watched the first episode online:

Some folks will do anything for a fast buck and a few minutes of fame. To bad they have such little reverence for our calling. Trashy people do trashy things. It is what it is.

This is completely disrespectful to both the Funeral profession and the Wrestling world of athletes. A perfect example of what is wrong with this world! I watched about two seconds an was completely horrified. Yikes!

I watched the 1st episode online. It just makes me roll my eyes. Yes, it is straight up backwoods!

You can read all the responses on the Facebook post below:

If you did watch the show when it aired on WGN America last night, you can watch the first episode of ‘Wrestling With Death’ here.

Once you watch the show please share your reaction below!