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ASD Introduces Patent-Pending App Feature, MobileFH™ and New Phone Screening Tools

December 2, 2014

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ASD Introduces Patent-Pending App Feature, MobileFH™ and New Phone Screening Tools

  • Show the funeral home’s number as the outgoing caller ID when calling from a cell phone
  • Hear a recording of every call that is connected through MobileFH
  • Monitor the funeral home staff’s communication by listening to at-need, pricing or preneed calls before and after they are patched.


Media, PA—ASD – Answering Service for Directors recently unveiled a new version of the company’s NFDA award-winning mobile app, ASD Mobile 3. One of the greatest benefits added to the enhanced app is the company’s patent-pending MobileFH feature. This solution was created by ASD after multiple funeral directors explained the problems caused by using their personal cell phones for business.


Funeral directors often return calls to families in need and other business contacts from their cell phones. As a result, they are often contacted on their cell phones during times when others may be on call or even while on their vacation. Aside from being inconvenient, this problem can result in a lost business opportunity if a family calls a personal number instead of the funeral home number and does not receive an answer.


MobileFH™ provides a new solution to this problem. Funeral directors who have downloaded ASD Mobile can enter a phone number or tap on one within the app and the call will be connected displaying the funeral home’s office line as the outgoing Caller ID. This is achieved by connecting the call through ASD’s system.

“We really like this feature. For us, it is useful when we’re on call on the weekends and we’re calling someone back and don’t necessarily want them to have our cell phone because then they just use our cell phone all the time,” says Funeral Director, Meghan Owens of Scanlan Funeral Home in Pompton Plains, NJ. “We like when we call them back, it shows up like we’re from calling the funeral home so they never have our mobile numbers.”



The release of MobileFH™ coincided perfectly with a new ability to record patched calls.  Now, calls that are connected via MobileFH™ are also recorded, allowing funeral directors to review their after-hours calls for any important details they may have missed. Owners and Managers will also appreciate the ability to evaluate their on-call staff’s communication and customer service skills.


“Previously, on-call funeral directors had few choices when it came to returning calls.  Fortunately, MobileFH™ provides much needed freedom while allowing them to still use their personal cell phone,” says ASD Vice President, Kevin Czachor. “By recording these calls, as well as all calls that are directly patched to the funeral home staff, directors will have a detailed backup of their conversations with families.”


Since introducing ASD Mobile 3 during the 2014 NFDA Convention, MobileFH™ has been utilized by more than 1,000 funeral directors. The company expects these statistics to continue increasing as more clients discover the benefits of this powerful feature.


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Family owned and operated since 1972, ASD blends state-of-the-art technology with an extensive, 6-month training program focusing on compassionate care. The company’s custom-built communication systems and sophisticated mobile tools were designed solely to meet the needs of funeral homes.  With patented solutions, ASD’s smartphone app, ASD Mobile for iPhone or Android, was recognized as the winner of the 2012 NFDA Innovation Award after revolutionizing communications for thousands of funeral homes nationwide. Discover why more than 45% of independent funeral homes using an answering service have chosen ASD. By offering funeral directors unmatched protection for their calls, ASD has redefined the role of an answering service for funeral homes.  For more information, visit or call 1-800-868-9950.