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DNA Memorial expands to Ireland and United Kingdom

September 3, 2014

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DNA Memorial expands to Ireland and United Kingdom

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada-CG Labs, announces the appointment of Kate Hamilton, Paul McEvoy and Colin McAteer as exclusive representatives of DNA Memorial operating as DNA Memorial Ireland/United Kingdom.  The IE/UK team is composed of experienced funeral and business professionals providing funeral directors training, products and services offered by DNA Memorial.  “We are excited about our new DNA Memorial team and working with such an esteemed group as we launch in Ireland and the United Kingdom” says CG Labs President Jeff Harbeson.

DNA Memorial has developed a proprietary process of extracting DNA from non-invasive mouth swab or hair samples and binding the DNA to silica which can be stored at room temperature indefinitely.  Providing families a “last chance” to collect and retain their loved ones DNA is a service to the family by funeral directors with long-term impact.  Funeral directors understand the finality of the decisions made by families during funeral arrangements for their deceased loved ones and know the importance of sharing important facts such as:

  • The cremation process is irreversible.
  • All genealogical and medical DNA is destroyed by the cremation process.
  • Even after burial, disinterment is costly both emotionally and financially.

Some may wonder why a family would choose to collect their deceased loved one’s DNA.  The significance of DNA research for medical reasons including identification of early stage diseases and using DNA for analysis for cures continues to emerge.  Just recently, the BBC News/Health published a story by James Gallagher August 1; DNA project ‘to make UK world genetic research leader’ highlighted the facts and importance of DNA in regards to medical research.  For many, another compelling reason for DNA collection is where and who we come from.  DNA provides a 100% accurate family lineage securing important legacy for future generations.

The importance of funeral directors providing information about DNA collection recently became reality for a family served by Paul McEvoy, a funeral director in Newry, County Down.  Paul provided a family information about DNA collection that lost their nine-year old daughter to a debilitating disease.  The mother made the decision not only to retain her deceased daughters DNA, but also purchased custom DNA jewelry for her surviving children as keepsakes.  After this experience, Paul realized that he had an obligation to simply provide the information to families and they will make decisions on their own.  Since, several families have made the choice to collect their deceased loved one’s DNA while making funeral arrangements at Paul’s funeral home.

Because of the impact and response from families that Paul McEvoy personally served, the newly formed DNA Memorial Ireland/United Kingdom team solidly believes in the importance of offering the products/services to other funeral professionals and ultimately to the families they serve.  For more information about DNA Memorial, visit or call one of the DNA Memorial Ireland/United Kingdom team.