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Inman Shipping Worldwide Launches New Website

June 22, 2014

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Inman Shipping Worldwide Launches New Website

Cleveland, Ohio – The newly redesigned website for Inman Shipping goes live today on the world wide web. aims to extend the reach of it’s services with new features and expanded content. “Our online visitors will now experience a more vibrant view of Inman Shipping Worldwide,” says David McComb owner and CEO of DW McComb Group. “In the same way our services assist funeral directors around the world with one call, the new website offers all of our services in one location. The redesign of the Inman website creates a new home in cyberspace for the oldest and largest international repatriation and shipping service in the world. “ The site was designed and is hosted by the innovative Polaris Graphics.

About Inman Shipping Worldwide
Founded by Robert Inman in 1978, Inman Shipping Worldwide is America’s premier and largest international repatriation and shipping service, managing all aspects of national and international shipping for the funeral service profession. It serves funeral directors around the world through a network of representatives throughout the United States and Canada. To learn more, call 800-321-0566 or visit

About DW McComb Group
Established in 2014, DW McComb Group is a holding company managing a number of subsidiary companies, brands and relationships, all focused on serving the funeral service profession on a global basis. Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the DW McComb Group offers a full array of services and products supporting innovation and integration.

For more information contact:

David McComb
Inman Worldwide Shipping
(260) 426-9494
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