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Exclusive Line of TributeArt by Wyland Available to Families through Select FrontRunner Clients

April 3, 2014

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Exclusive Line of TributeArt by Wyland Available to Families through Select FrontRunner Clients

TributeArt is pleased to introduce the exclusive line of bronze tribute art sculptures by Wyland. These exceptional pieces will be marketed exclusively across North America through select FrontRunner clients.

Not only are these sculptures treasured collectibles by world renowned Artist of the Seas, Wyland, they have been handcrafted to allow for suitable housing of cremated remains, flower petals or other mementos. There are four (4) different sculptures available in full and miniature versions.

Through a unique sales initiative, select FrontRunner clients will receive credit for every sculpture sold within their area, whether through their website or from consumers purchasing through the main site.

TributeArt represents a higher standard for funeral firms and their families while adding a new level of profitability. This new program will be a game changer for select FrontRunner client firms who will be aligned with more than 500,000 collectors of Wyland fine art. TributeArt creates the ability to fulfill orders, even on pre-arrangement contracts, given the quality and beauty of bronze collectible sculptures that any family would be proud to display.

“I have been working with Wyland and his team for over a year now to bring together this highly anticipated and exciting offering,” says Kevin Montroy, TributeArt founder and FrontRunner CEO. “In my opinion, consumers are not telling funeral service they don’t have money. For many, they simply no longer see the value in spending a large amount of money on a casket that will be either cremated or buried in the ground, never to be seen again.”

TributeArt is just one more example of how FrontRunner is doing more to help clients grow their businesses.

“In all of my experience in funeral service, I have never seen this level of quality and focus on a product that will impact so many funeral professionals,” explains Chris Farmer, TributeArt Partner. “TributeArt truly sets a new standard of quality and will change consumers’ perception of what urns should look like by instilling the concept of Art of Remembrance.”

The first of the bronze TributeArt sculptures will be unveiled at the ICCFA Convention next week in Las Vegas.

For more information about TributeArt, visit the website at, or contact FrontRunner Professional directly at 866-748-3625 or [email protected].

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