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A Simple Thank You Adds New Printing Service

April 3, 2014

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A Simple Thank You Adds New Printing Service

While continuing to try and create new ways to help families who are suffering a loss, A Simple Thank You would like to announce a new offering. As funeral homes begin to embrace their Digital Registry service, we have added an option that can be just as helpful when trying to write out hundreds of acknowledgment cards and addressing envelopes. Although this is done by using A Simple Thank You’s already proven technology and system, it does not require the need for the Digital Registry sign-in.

The customized printed acknowledgment cards and envelopes with return address can be printed by A Simple Thank You or the funeral home through a very simple process.

When a funeral director does their consultation with the family and gathers the information needed for the service, they can go to our website and order acknowledgment cards with a customized verse that will be signed with the family’s name. Ex, “The Family of Barbara L. Bennett”. Return address will be printed on the envelopes saving the family time by helping them through this necessary process. The customized printed acknowledgment cards & envelopes will be shipped immediately after receiving the order to the funeral home or directly to the family no later than the day of the service. There is also the option of the funeral home doing the printing themselves while using A Simple Thank You’s “Cards & Envelopes Only” service.

A Simple Thank You continues to strive to create new offerings as well as enhance the services already in use by paying close attention to the funeral homes needs as well as the families they serve.

If you would like to find out more on how this useful service can benefit your families, please call 800-483-0671 or visit our website,