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Lynn Isenberg’s THE FUNERAL PLANNER: Resurrects as Special Digital Freemium Edition

March 11, 2014
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Lynn Isenberg’s THE FUNERAL PLANNER: Resurrects as Special Digital Freemium Edition

Lynn Isenberg’s THE FUNERAL PLANNER, the entrepreneurial romantic comedy trilogy novel series has just been released as a ‘freemium edition’ now through August 17, 2014, exclusively on Wattpad at  This edition launches at a perfect time, in tandem with ABC’s new series “Resurrection” and on the heels of Jane Fonda’s blog titled “Crying” where she reflects on her own personal funeral planning wishes. “Fonda’s sentiments are a timely reflection to important themes inside The Funeral Planner Trilogy Novels, with respect to planning how we want to be remembered,” explains Isenberg.

Lynn Isenberg’s The Funeral Planner’s Special Edition is part of the digital publishing world that is ever-changing with new technologies and formats, and Isenberg is embracing this new platform. Readers can now enjoy reading, sharing, commenting, casting, and voting on Lynn Isenberg’s The Funeral Planner at the popular social reading platform Wattpad. Fans can find the entire trilogy at  including the second and third installments The Funeral Planner Goes to Washington and The Funeral Planner Goes Global.

When Wattpad offered Isenberg the opportunity to feature her title for 7 months online, on-mobile, and on-tablet to their community of 20+ million monthly unique avid readers worldwide, she agreed. Lynn Isenberg’s The Funeral Planner Trilogy Novels are meant to open the lid and inspire the conversation of how we want to be remembered. Isenberg added, “Once you approach the topic with loved ones, greater intimacy and understanding end up enhancing relationships and family ties. It’s in these quiet moments of reflection on the fast-forward into the rearview mirror that inspire change and celebration of the present.”

In order to produce a special digital edition for Wattpad users, Isenberg collected the support of various companies reflected inside her trilogy about ‘a female entrepreneur and her entourage of event planners in dark clothes who bring life to a dead business with unique and personal life celebrations’. Supporters of her special freemium edition include the Dignity Memorial ® Network,,,, Cohen Media Group’s  new documentary “Mademoiselle C,” Vianel Studios,, investment company ThriveFP, and, which hosts Isenberg’s, the real life social media network inspired by the plot inside the novel, and the novel-inspired Lights Out Enterprises.

New Chapters of Lynn Isenberg’s The Funeral Planner are being released in episodic format every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Wattpad with bonus benefits such as promo code FPDigital at, additional story integration and media sidebars to inspire readers to relax at a Luxury Link vacation, receive fashion inspiration from the sites mentioned above, free planning booklets from the Dignity Memorial Network, plus inspiration from online obituaries at where life stories live on.

Contributors such as Steve Parrott, President of, believe, “The themes inside Lynn Isenberg’s The Funeral Planner novels reflect the value and essence of helping to articulate the story of each and every life. Obituaries help memorialize the stories of those lives. And how these stories impact individuals and collective wholes is a powerful engine of humanity. So we are honored to participate in supporting this release, as each and every life has an important and valuable story to tell.”

ABOUT:  Lynn Isenberg’s The Funeral Planner Trilogy Novel’s Special Edition was produced by Focus Media Entertainment, Inc., an LA based literary brand management and publishing company specializing in multi-platform content for film/TV, digital, books, entertainment marketing, business development, and story-tech consulting. Lynn Isenberg is an Author/Screenwriter, SVP of Partner Marketing, and Founder of the Hollywood LIT (Literature. Intelligence. Technology.) Retreat. Follow updates @LynnIsenberg @Hollywood_LIT.,,