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Meet Some of the Newest Owners of FrontRunner Professional

December 11, 2013

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Meet Some of the Newest Owners of FrontRunner Professional

Kevin Montroy, Founder and CEO of FrontRunner Professional, is pleased to welcome several long-standing and dedicated employees as part owners of the company.

As part of FrontRunner’s employee stock option agreement, Kris Frenette, Mark Miatello, Jason Scott, Michael Charlebois, Sean Sweeney, Jules Green, Stephanie Montroy, Ashley Montroy and Jason Truesdell are some of the newest shareholders and represent the ‘next generation’ of the organization. Each of these hard-working employees now holds a percentage of shares as well as are part of the Advisory Board making them an integral and important part of the future vision.

“The ideals of passing a company down from one generation to the next are deeply rooted in the heritage of funeral service,” explains Kevin. “I couldn’t be more proud that my daughters, Stephanie and Ashley and my nephew, Jason Truesdell are now part of this company at an ownership level.”

Kevin adds that this group, armed with strong family values, truly understands not only the principals of loyalty, dedication and commitment, but more importantly they have the integrity of what it takes to serve the funeral profession. He looks forward to watching the next round of dedicated employees moving up in the company.

One of the newest owners, Mike Charlebois, says, “FrontRunner truly is a great place to work. Despite it being a family-owned company, we are always made to feel like part of the family. We have all benefited by Kevin’s continued strong leadership and vision and look forward to having a greater role in the future direction of the company.”