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Orlando Creative Services to Collaborate with FrontRunner Professional on Creation of Pet Loss Coloring Book for Children

November 25, 2013

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Orlando Creative Services to Collaborate with FrontRunner Professional on Creation of Pet Loss Coloring Book for Children

Orlando Creative Services (OCS) announced recently that it would be collaborating with FrontRunner Professional on the creation of a pet loss-themed coloring book. The working title of the child’s grief resource publication is currently Remembering My Pet. The book is currently in production, will be 24 pages, and is forthcoming soon.

The book is the brainchild of Kevin Montroy, CEO/Founder of FrontRunner Professional. “After reviewing all of the existing materials out there, we decided that we could make a significant contribution to the pet loss for kids’ cause” said Kevin. “We are thrilled that we can offer materials to help children make some sense of the loss they feel.” Kevin also has written a poem that’s included in the coloring book.

Although it will primarily be picture pages for coloring, there will also be puzzles and word games appearing throughout it, as well. “In light of all the more mature, flowery pet loss materials already available, we’ve decided to take a more remedial, mainstream approach with this project,” said Paul, founder of Orlando Creative Services and who is illustrating the book. “We’re not trying to make it fun by any means, but rather, speak to them on their level with a format they are familiar with.” The coloring book is expected to be published by Bass-Mollett, with estimated availability at the very beginning of 2014.

Kim Stacey, FrontRunner’s newest staff member, is also contributing to the concept and has a history of writing grief resource materials.

Kevin Montroy also added “FrontRunner has always prided itself on developing innovative tools for the funeral professional to better serve their families, and this is certainly no exception. We expect to do more of this sort of thing.”

The two respective principals have been associated with each other since 2004, and have worked together creating and promoting many projects.

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