4 Quick Tips To Get More Facebook Engagement

Funeral Home Marketing Funeral Industry News Social Media Marketing November 19, 2013

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4 Quick Tips To Get More Facebook Engagement

Article from DISRUPT Media

Only got a few minutes to spare? Then no worries because here are some very quick tips to increase your Facebook engagement.

1. Add an image! Image posts on average get more engagement from fans than any other type of post. So try adding one to your next update. Even if there’s a decent preview image for a link, try replacing it with an image of your own and see how it fares.

2. Ask Questions. Want to get some valuable comments? People find it hard to resist answering a question. To make it more effective make sure the question comes at the end of the post rather than at the start.

3. Find the High Traffic Times. While there are times that are good for most Pages in general it’s worth experimenting to find the perfect ones for your audience. Spend a month posting out at different times of the day from early morning to late in the evening then check back at your analytics to see which performed best.

4. Utilize Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts. It can sometimes feel like a big step to pay for any form  of advertising but with Facebook you can always start small and build upon it. Even the smallest advertising budget can yield big results on Facebook.

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