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My Favorite Giveaways At NFDA

October 23, 2013

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My Favorite Giveaways At NFDA

NFDA is like trick-or-treat for adults – if you’re disagreeing then you’re lying to yourself. I mean come on, when you register NFDA hands you a huge trick-or-treat bag.

It’s so much fun to watch grown adults walk by booths, avoid eye content with the exhibitor and snatch up whatever free product is laying around.

However, there are some companies who opt-out of the pen and paper giveaways for something far more valuable. This year, 2013, there were two giveaways that really stuck out to me.

The first that comes to mind is theĀ “Extreme Funeral Home Makeover Online Edition” from Frontrunner valued at over $20,000 – now that is real value and could totally change the face of a funeral home.








The second giveaway I absolutely love is the ‘lego cemetery’ from ASD. This summer the ‘lego cemetery‘ was a one of a kind product offering on Ebay and the image of that product went viral. I’m not a lego guy but this cemetery belongs in the same room as every funeral directors model hearse collection. Very cool and completely different then anything offered by other companies.