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One Room and FrontRunner Announce Enterprise Partnership

October 2, 2013

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One Room and FrontRunner Announce Enterprise Partnership

One Room and FrontRunner Professional have announced today the start of a comprehensive technology partnership. This new synergy allows the two companies to combine their unique strengths and talents, and will provide funeral professionals and families with the benefit and flexibility of advanced integration, and the delivery of a high definition quality video experience of the funeral event.

One Room is a unique, smart and simple solution that allows absent family and friends of the deceased to come together and share the funeral experience regardless of prohibitive distance or ill health. Using a simple automated system, One Room is able to broadcast funeral services around the world.

One Room does a lot more than simply stream video of the event. It cuts across conflicting time zones and creates a memorial for future generations. It also provides live private broadcasts, has dedicated IOS apps to watch from any device, be it smartphone or iPad/tablet device and designated software for the funeral home to manage their own services.

FrontRunner, established in 1994, is now one of the largest funeral technology companies in the world. They are recognized for their business system software and online memorials, and provide innovative solutions, underpinned by integrity and professionalism.

One Room has seen huge growth already, with crematoria, chapels and other venues bringing thousands of friends and family together using their technology. Greg Hahn, of One Room, says “It’s a privilege to be working with such an innovative global partner and to have forged such a creative relationship. We are excited about the potential this partnership offers both our companies, and the benefit it provides for our Funeral Home Clients and the families they serve.”

One Room will be featured in the FrontRunner booth at the NFDA Conference in Texas in October this year.

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