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Introducing The Funeral Industry’s First Handwriting Recognition Enabled Digital Register Book

September 25, 2013

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Introducing The Funeral Industry’s First Handwriting Recognition Enabled Digital Register Book

Funeral industry, meet the new Tribute e-Guest.  Tribute e-Guest, meet the funeral industry!

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Frazer Consultants new patent-pending handwriting-enabled digital register book.  Forget about guestbook programs that require guests to navigate complicated keyboard entry systems.  Signing in to a funeral service with Tribute e-Guest is as easy as using a pen on paper.

Here’s what you’ll find inside Tribute e-Guest:

Advanced Handwriting Recognition Algorithms

Finally – a digital register book that’s both natural and intuitive!

Tribute e-Guest allows service attendees to sign in the way they always have.  Pairing a high-tech Wacom weighted stylus with advanced handwriting recognition systems, Tribute e-Guest lets guests use their natural handwriting to enter their personal information.

Between the “pen only” mode on Tribute e-Guest’s top-of-the-line Samsung tablets (which prevents distortion due to resting-hand smudges) and our advanced handwriting detection algorithms, Tribute e-Guest is nearly 100% effective at translating guest sign-ins to electronic data.

Professionally-Designed User Interface

Be proud to show off your digital register book to guests.  Every screen your visitors will see within the Tribute e-Guest platform has been designed using a clean, modern aesthetic.

Tribute e-Guest automatically adjusts its sign in screen depending on the number of services you’re hosting on any given day.  In addition to attractive, customized service displays, Tribute e-Guest offers a series of helpful prompts that easily guide guests through the sign in process.

Powerful Backend Features

Need to create digital guestbooks on the fly?  Want to switch between funeral home locations from a single Tribute e-Guest tablet?  No problem!

Tribute e-Guest comes with a powerful administrative dashboard that will help you manage all your guestbook needs while on the go.  Create new guestbooks, modify existing registers and view data gathered at past services – all from within the program’s easy-to-navigate backend.

Customized Tribute Guestbooks

What to do with all the guest information you’ve collected?  The options are endless – from generating pre-printed thank you cards and envelopes, to filling out your funeral home’s pre-need marketing list.

But there’s one option in particular that we’d like to draw your attention to… Tribute Guestbooks!

Tribute Guestbooks harness the power of Frazer Consultants all-in-one personalization suite – Tribute Center – to help you create completely-customized, professionally-printed keepsake mementos that are sure to impress the families you serve.

Simply sync the information you’ve gathered through Tribute e-Guest into Tribute Center and use the auto-populate wizard to fill out your chosen guestbook template.  If you’re a Frazer Consultants website development customer, you can easily import notes and tributes left on the deceased’s online memorial as well.  Send the book out for printing from within Tribute Center, and you’ll receive a Shutterfly-quality printed register book for less than ten minutes of work.

We’ll be rolling out more details on the Tribute e-Guest program over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more details.  We’ll also be conducting live demonstrations at Booth #2626 at the 2013 NFDA Annual Convention in Austin, TX.  Come take a look!

[via: Frazer Consultants]