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Apex Casket Announces Solid Elmwood Casket

August 7, 2009

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Apex Casket Announces Solid Elmwood Casket

Apex Casket is pleased to announce our Solid Elmwood, Casket the Column (H-CS16) The Column casket is Hand rubbed high Gloss finish with column corners and bronze hardware this casket gives our funeral homes a luxurious casket offering at a price that is affordable for even the most budget minded family. These caskets feature light champagne velvet beaded spread and full lining and a tailored pillow that is suitable for male and female alike. Apex continues its commitment to quality and innovation at a very affordable price with the Column casket. The price to the funeral home is $1290 standard delivery included anywhere in the continental US for $100-200 on average..

In addition to The Column casket Apex continues to bring a full line of affordable quality caskets, both traditional and innovative, to our funeral directors. We have a continued commitment to provide the funeral industry with quality products in conjunction with competitive pricing. Watch for more new product releases in the coming weeks.

To see Apex?s entire product line, go to . Email any questions to [email protected] . You can also call to request a catalog at 1-888-680-6800