Why No One Is Talking To You On Facebook, You’re Not Interesting

Funeral Industry News Social Media Marketing July 9, 2013

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Why No One Is Talking To You On Facebook, You’re Not Interesting

Article by: Emma Ellinson, DISRUPT Media

So you made a company Page on Facebook, you’re posting everyday or as often as you can but the fans just aren’t biting. And if no one is responding to you then you’re getting none of the benefits of having a Facebook Page in the first place.

Let’s take a look at where you might be going wrong and show you how to fix it.

Because you’re not interesting

We’ve all met that type of person, the one who can bore you to tears as they drone on and on about the most uninteresting of subjects. And what do you do? You try to get away.

Facebook is a social website and that means your content has to be something that interests your readers whether that’s on a professional level or in an informal and fun way.

They don’t know who you are

Do your posts reflect your personality or your brand? Most people Like pages because they want to show their support for a person or company. This means you should be creating the type of posts that only you could make. Then you can take it further to provide content your fans will love.

Because you never asked them to

What every social media strategy needs is a decent “call-to-action”. Try telling your fans what you’d like them to do and you’d be surprised by how many are happy to help.

Don’t be too heavy handed or constantly try to get them sharing something that’s not all that interesting. This is where a good mix of fun posts can help to further the engagement with things such as “Like this post if it made you laugh!”

You’re not encouraging them to respond

A comment is typically the kind of response you hope to receive from your followers. But the problem with certain types of posts is that people might prefer to “Like” them rather than spend the time to write a response.

A quick and easy way to get those comments is by creating very simple posts that beg for an answer. Take a look at these examples below:

“Fill in the blank: On Sundays I love to __________”

“Describe your weekend in one word… aaand GO!”

“Would you ever try skydiving?”

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.41.32

Because you’re all about you

This is a problem that occurs all too often, especially among people without a firm grip on social media. They’ve just written a new blog post or brought out a new product then they use their Twitter and Facebook pages to do nothing but post links to them in the hopes someone will bite.

Social media is about relationships and that means you have to listen to your audience and give them something back. Take the time to talk to your fans, share something fun and post links to someone else’s work to show that you put value in other people’s work.

You’ve forgotten why they’re there

A Facebook study has shown that the most successful posts are those that relate to the brand in someway. It’s fine to make posts purely to try and get engagement, but you should always remember the reason why people chose to follow you in the first place. Try to find content that relates to you and your brand in someway.

Because you never give them what they want

A major reason why people follow certain brands is because they hope to get something out of it. This could be an exclusive offer, a printable coupon or free samples.

Even if you don’t do something like a monthly promotion, it’s worth remembering to give your fans a treat every once in a while.

You never mix it up

Different types of posts will gain different amounts of engagement. Photos and videos are the best kind of content to post if you want Likes and comments whereas links are known to perform poorly.

Play around with the type of posts you’re putting out to hone in on what works best for you.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.43.28

Because you’re posting at the wrong time

What’s the point in posting something at 7 in the morning for a crowd that doesn’t typically get up until midday? Use analytics or an application like Sprout Social to schedule posts for the best time otherwise your posts will be a waste of time.

You’re not having conversations

If someone goes to the effort of sending you a message or posting a comment on your wall, it’s important to take the opportunity to connect with them. Respond to everyone and let them know that you are listening to them whether they’re offering their thanks or concerns.

Failing to do this might result in them feeling a tad ignored and they will be all-too quick to hit the “Unlike” button.

Because you are inconsistent

Maintaining a Facebook Page involves quite a bit of effort and it’s far too easy to take time off from it or even give up entirely. If you can’t update on a regular basis then fans just aren’t going to bother paying you any attention.

At first you might feel like you’re talking to a brick wall but eventually you will reach a point where your fans are happy to start engaging with you.

You’re not paying for anything

Not everyone will want to spend the money on Facebook ads. However they’re worth trying out and a short stint won’t have to cost you too much.

There’s also the option to spend a bit of cash promoting your posts. This can be an excellent way of reaching a much larger audience, though it’s best reserved for the right post.

Because your fans are elsewhere


Facebook may be the top Social Network but that doesn’t mean it will necessarily be the best place for your business. Take the time to research your audience and find out where they are. For a company that thrives on visuals, Pinterest and Instagram will probably be the way to go. For others Twitter might be the ideal platform.

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