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Tukios’ Looped HD Tribute Videos Eliminate DVD Creation For Visitations

June 2, 2013

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Tukios’ Looped HD Tribute Videos Eliminate DVD Creation For Visitations

Flat screens and projectors have become more commonplace in funeral homes, allowing funeral directors to present Tukios’ High-Definition, looped Tribute Videos at the visitation. These new media devices permit higher-resolution viewing experiences, and eliminate the practice of purchasing and burning DVDs for visitations.

Since Tukios’ cloud-based memorial video website began in 2010, every tribute video created has been HD, but standard DVDs have not been capable of playing the tributes in High-Definition.

“Upgrading viewing equipment simplifies and improves the tribute video process, and saves time and money for the funeral home,” said Curtis Funk, owner of Tukios. “By connecting an internet-ready device (computer, tablet or smart phone) to flat screens or projectors, funeral homes can now stream HD looped videos without the need to download and burn ISO files to blank DVDs.”

Flat screens and projectors are not for everyone, which is why Tukios doesn’t plan to eliminate the traditional DVD-burning method. is the simple, fast, cloud-based Tribute Video leader that creates emotionally resonant experiences. Funeral homes who embed Tukios’ videos on obituary pages are seeing web visitor durations increase by over 5 minutes. They are also simplifying their Tribute Video creation process with Tukios’ high-speed scanners, and drawing additional revenue from in-obituary Memorial Video purchases.

To try an HD looped video for your next visitation, visit and get your first HD Tribute Video, free.