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Mourning Cross Offering Bereavement Pins

May 30, 2013

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Mourning Cross Offering Bereavement Pins

Mourning Cross, elegant Bereavement Pins in both cross and circle motifs, are worn to distinguish the immediate family of the departed, enhance the funeral experience and offer opportunity to “tell the story”.    The pins were inspired from the experience of an Irish mother along with her three daughters during the loss of their beloved husband and father. When attending funerals and wakes, acquaintances wish to pay their respects to the family, but often face the challenge of identifying family members among those in attendance.  In keeping with long-past tradition of black armbands worn by families, the designs offer contemporary   identification of those grieving with either the cross or non-denominational circle.

The distinction of wearing the Mourning symbols serves the surviving family as well as the sympathetic visitors.  Families benefit from the increased number of people who can share comforting words and cherished memories.            After the ceremonies and as time passes, the Bereavement Pins worn by survivors provide the opportunity to “tell the story” of the life lived.  Its unique design and unspoken message will provoke conversations of what the Pin signifies…the survivor may then share the memory of the lost loved one…again, offering the chance to say “let me tell you about…”

The elegant pins, which also serve as treasured keepsakes, are offered in either black or white enamel in the shape of a cross or, as a non-denominational option, a circle.  Both have a center image of a dove in flight and are presented on a card with the expressive poem, “It’s My Time,” by poet Jacky Newcomb.   To place an order contact Joanne on: 800-541-7340 or visit us on-line on