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Unity Financial Child Protection Plan Sets Milestone

May 28, 2013

Unity Financial Child Protection Plan Sets Milestone

Cincinnati, OH. – It was announced today that Unity Financial Life Insurance Company, Cincinnati, Ohio has issued over 30,000 life insurance policies, since 2008, which contain child, grandchild and great grandchild coverage at no-cost to the consumer. This sets a benchmark for others in the industry that offer similar type protection plans.

The Unity Financial Child Protection Plan will provide payment for funeral services and merchandise in an amount equal to the least of the cost of the funeral, the insured’s then current death benefit or $3,000. The benefit can be applied to unmarried child, grandchild, or great grandchild of the insured. This benefit also applies to step children, step grandchildren and step great grandchildren. Coverage is not available in all states or on all products. Other exceptions and exclusions may apply. Unity Financial is committed to providing superior funeral funding products and services to all the families they serve.

Tom Hardy, Chairman, President & CEO, Unity Financial stated, “We are proud to have achieved this notable milestone in our continuing efforts to protect all families and their children.” He went onto add, “I wish to thank the Unity Financial affiliated funeral homes and General Agents for their hard work and dedication to offering this exceptional protection to future generations of Americans.”

Unity Financial is focused on delivering funeral funding products that provide exceptional value

for all consumers. For more information about the no-charge Unity Financial Child Protection

Plan contact the company at (877) 523-3231 or visit them on-line at