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[VIDEO] Embalmer Tricks: Fixing Droopy Earlobes

April 30, 2013

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[VIDEO] Embalmer Tricks: Fixing Droopy Earlobes

Have you ever seen an elderly person with long, droopy earlobes? There’s a way to fix that after death!

This embalmer tricks video comes from ‘The Blonde Morticia

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About The Blonde Morticia

The Blonde Morticia is the virtual platform of Courtney J. Harris, licensed funeral director and embalmer in the State of Michigan. TBM was initially born of my desire to bring about a better understanding of funeral service, death care, and my day-to-day life as a young female funeral service professional.

My career affords me the unique opportunity to work intimately with the newly bereaved, allowing me to establish with them a relationship of trust and understanding. Armed with the knowledge that the bereaved have stories to share and lessons to teach, I use TBM to give a voice to those in mourning through my interviews and investigations.