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Infinity Two Solar Light for Flat Marker, Cremation Markets Introduced

April 5, 2013

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Infinity Two Solar Light for Flat Marker, Cremation Markets Introduced

March 6 – The second product in the Infinity Luminaire solar product line will be available to Light of Hope® dealers in time for Memorial Day.  Infinity Two has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the flat marker and cremation markets.


“Since we started talking about Infinity One to industry leaders more than two years ago, we have heard repeatedly that there was a great need for an additional product designed for these markets,” said Brad Carlson, president and CEO of Light of Hope®. “So, it has not been a surprise that the response to the first production units of this model has been terrific.”

“With both Infinity models, families love the unique, sophisticated look; the heavy, robust design and the fact that they can add light to a memorial environment,” Carlson said.  “Industry practitioners like the fact that they require little-to-no upkeep and do not interfere with cemetery maintenance.”

Infinity Two offers families a wider choice in cremation memorials with the addition of warm, comforting light to flat markers and other in-ground installations, in addition to use with cremation urns.


Product highlights of the Infinity Two include:

  • Custom-etching of the edge-lit tempered glass which provides personalization
  • Optional cremation urn attachment
  • 360º warm, glow-edge lighting
  • Bronze cover ring bezel option (future availability)
  • The same 300,000-cycle super capacitors (compared with the 300 cycles of batteries), durable construction, and 10-year replacement warranty as Infinity One
  • QR code which links to a family created web-based tribute


Designed, engineered and assembled in the United States, Infinity Two is intended specifically for memorialization.  It can be paired with a granite urn or round vase block and placed in a burial plot, along walkways, beside a bench, sculpture, tree, garden or other living memorial, or serve as the actual memorial containing cremated remains. When the edge-lit luminaire is paired with a flat marker – which accounts for about 50% of memorials – a comforting memorial is created.


Depending on solar input, Infinity Two will remain illuminated for up to 10 hours.


Light of Hope® introduced the first solar light designed specifically for memorialization in late 2011.  The Infinity One enhances the natural color, luster and beauty of a wide variety of monuments, markers, memorials and cemetery features.


Additional information about Infinity Two, Infinity One or becoming a dealer, can be obtained by contacting: [email protected], 248.494.4400,