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Now That the Great Recession Is Over, What’s Next?

April 2, 2013

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Now That the Great Recession Is Over, What’s Next?

Webinar to Help Funeral Professionals Navigate the Future


The past several years haven’t been easy, but there’s no need to lose sleep worrying about the future — especially when you can sign up for a free webinar to be held at 3 p.m. Eastern Time on May 14: “The U.S. Economy After the Great Recession: What Lies Ahead for Funeral Professionals.”


Sponsored by Physicians Mutual and moderated by Kates-Boylston Publications, the webinar will provide insights about where the economy is headed and what you can do to capitalize on the recovery. “Despite the current headlines, there are many reasons, economically speaking, funeral professionals should be excited about the future,” said David Morton, co-head of Alternatives Research, who will lead a conversation filled with practical advice.

Morton will deliver insights on how the economy works, and he’ll help you figure out if interest rates and inflation are going up, down or staying the same — and what it all means for your business. Having earned a Master of Business Administration in finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, he has plenty of expertise to share. He’s also a founder and partner of Rocaton Investment Advisors and co-leads the research effort for credit-related strategies, real estate and global liquid alternatives.


Two other experts will join Morton:


Steven A. Scanlan, Chartered Financial Analyst with more than 30 years of investment experience and the senior vice president and chief investment officer of Physicians Mutual, will examine how insurance companies invest money to help funeral homes over time.


Brice Ballard, vice president and product manager at Physicians Mutual with more than 15 years of product development, pricing and management experience will provide an actuary’s perspective of pre-need product management.   He will focus on how an investment strategy works hand-in-hand with pre-need product pricing with the goal of balancing prudent growth with stability to create a successful pre-need program.

The focus throughout the webinar will be to provide funeral professionals with tools to determine what’s best for their businesses without giving in to pessimistic expectations. “Previous generations in the U.S. and overseas have faced bigger problems than we currently face, have overcome them and prospered,” Morton said.


This webinar is guaranteed to be thought provoking and informative and will challenge your assumptions about the economy. To sign up for the free webinar, click the “Webinar” tab at


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