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How To Dress Like A ‘Funeral Boss’ – Funeral Director Style 101

March 29, 2013

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How To Dress Like A ‘Funeral Boss’ – Funeral Director Style 101

There’s no doubt that Funeral Boss’ Bill Harris has a style all his own. Take a sneak peek into his closet with our Funeral Boss Style Guide, see exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of Bill’s wardrobe and get style advice from the Harris boys!


Want style like William? “You gotta be unique,” he says. “I make sure I’m dressed in a way that stands out from everyone else and is nontraditional. If everyone’s in a black and white tux, I’m in black on black. Those are the things that get me noticed.”

Bill’s over-the-top attention to detail and accessories doesn’t just apply to the funerals he arranges. “My style is all about the accessories. Hats, watches, cuff links, ascots, rings — no outfit of mine is complete without these pieces.”

What’s Windall’s ultimate fashion tip? “It’s all in the details. When you’re Windall, you don’t walk out the door unless you look perfect. My tie is always straight, with a dimple in the right spot and everything. It takes a little time, but trust me, people pay attention.”

Westley says that style is all about being clean: “I’m always making sure that my suits are pressed, shoes are shined, and not a single thread is out of place with the outfits I wear. It’s all about keeping it fresh and fitted.”

What are some other secrets of the Harris Family style? Keep it unique, be original and don’t be afraid to put your name on it.

Fine accessories always add the perfect touch to any outfit, like these unique looking glasses.

You can never have too many shoes, according to the Harris Boys. It’s always good to be able to mix and match your accessories with your suits.

Don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe, like these blue cuff links.

You can never go wrong when adding a beautiful gold watch to any outfit. It’s good to keep it classy (and blingy) when showing off your style.


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