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Is Committing Fraud?

March 3, 2013

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Is Committing Fraud?

I know the title makes many of you laugh but were asking for real this time. We don’t full know how Legacy operates when it comes to their payment structure, what is free, what is paid for or what it only online temporary. In the past when we have talked about Legacy and sent them questions for comment we have never received a reply. So we didn’t even bother on this story.

We received the following comment on Sunday morning. Please read the comment and let us know your thoughts. Is this really happening and if so what has your or your client family’s experience been? If this is true then could be raking in millions by screwing over grieving families.

Comment from John DiCecco:

Here’s the story: I paid to keep my father-in-law’s site hosted online permanently. I never actually posted anything to the guestbook. Today, however, I received an email from indicating the site was being archived and for $19 I could “sponsor” it for another year.

The email indicates I am receiving the email because I posted something to the guestbook. I realize this is a robo-reply but it must also be a robo-reply to everyone who DID post. That means somewhere they are fleecing people for $19 each to sponsor a site that has already been sponsored permanently.

This sounds an awful lot like a scam to me. I’ll be contacting our state’s Attorney General to look into this but my guess is they’ll back-pedal and say it was a mistake. But the real issue, of course, is how would anyone who ever posted to the guestbook know for sure that the site was not going to be archived ?

Anyone of them would gladly fork over $19 and there would be no way for everyone else to know they did so.

What are your thoughts?