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Webinar to Provide Tax Season Tips for Death-Care Professionals

January 29, 2013

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Webinar to Provide Tax Season Tips for Death-Care Professionals

Learn the Secrets of Successful Tax Filing from Dan Isard

Tax code changes affect every business – especially funeral home owners and cemetery operators trying to control costs and keep profitability headed in the right direction.


Dan Isard, founder and president of The Foresight Companies in Phoenix, helps you navigate the complicated terrain of tax code rules and regulations on our March 27 webinar, “Tax Season Tips for the Death-Care Professional.”


“We have a tax system that is separating the haves from the have mores,” Isard said. “And therefore, the have mores have to be prepared to understand why their tax bills are going to go up disproportionately.” More importantly, they must educate themselves now about how to minimize the tax they pay moving forward, he said.


On the webinar, Isard will examine key tax code changes so you can:


  • understand what the changes mean for you
  • decide if your business is structured correctly
  • determine how to maximize your use of a Roth IRA
  • minimize your tax bill moving forward


It doesn’t matter if you plan on filing your taxes before March 27 – you still need to sign up for this webinar, Isard said. “The webinar will focus on changes in the tax law from 2012 to 2013, so as attendees are going through and seeing their year-end numbers for 2012, they’ll learn what they can do differently over the next nine months to make sure their tax return in 2013 is properly prepared and their business is properly structured so they have to pay no more taxes than needed,” Isard said.


Learn the motivations behind the changes, and prepare yourself for what lies ahead. But most importantly, get a roadmap to minimize the taxes you’ll pay this year and beyond by tuning in to the webinar. Learn more by visiting