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Creedy Publishes “Funeral Cliff” Calculator

January 1, 2013

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Creedy Publishes “Funeral Cliff” Calculator

Alan Creedy announced today that he has made available a new calculator to help funeral homes determine when to expect current downward trends to become critical at the local level.

The Funeral Cliff Calculator is available free to subscribers to his website and is part of the soon-to-be-launched 2020 project.

In a statement to the press Mr. Creedy said:

“With all the noise lately about the American Government’s impending Fiscal Cliff I thought it was appropriate to update my forecast relative to the funeral profession’s own fiscal cliff.  With trends continuing to spiral downward it is simply a matter of applying the math to determine when the nexus point for profits reaches zero and heads into the negative.  While I realize the actual timing is a moving target and will never truly be reached as an industry, many individual practitioners will reach it and some already have.

In the process of developing the forecast I realized I could offer a free calculator on my website that would let practitioners see how urgent the matter really is for their firm.  Some will find they are doing quite well.  Others will realize they need to get to work in a hurry.  In any event, there is work to be done.

There is a brief video tutorial guiding the user through the process of using this simple calculator.”

The Calculator may be accessed on Mr. Creedy’s website by going to

Alan Creedy has been a leader, industry expert, funeral home consultant, author and speaker in the DeathCare Industries for more than 32 years.  He publishes two weekly newsletters titled “The Creedy Commentary” and “The Creedy Roundup” which strive to help practitioners think for themselves as they face an increasingly complex customer and business environment.  You can learn more about Alan at his website where you can subscribe to his commentary for free.

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