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ICCFA Warns Of Hotel Booking Scam

December 11, 2012

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ICCFA Warns Of Hotel Booking Scam

We received an email from ICCFA this morning warning that a company called Global Housing Management is calling suppliers and funeral directors claiming to they want to help you find a hotel room during the 2013 Annual Convention because the host hotel is sold out.

We received this email from ICCFA around 11:00am, ironically it came just minutes after our office received a call from the above Global Housing Management company. Thankfully we politely declined to talk with them.

Below is the warning from ICCFA:

ICCFA has heard from members who have received calls and emails from a company called Global Housing Management. Representatives from GHM say that they are calling to help you find a hotel room during our 2013 Annual Convention because our host hotel is sold out.


Please do not provide any information to these people. Simply hang up or delete any emails from the company. ICCFA NEVER contracts with third-party vendors for hotel reservations. A sample email from GHM is pasted below.

If you would like to legitimately reserve your hotel room now at our official Annual Convention hotel, the Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina, you may do so by visiting our Marriott reservation page or by calling 888-789-3090. Say that you would like to be included in the ICCFA room block. The discounted rate is $169 per night.

P.S.: The educational program for the Annual Convention will be posted soon. Check next week’s issue of Wireless for a big announcement.