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Funeral Divas Inc Issues Formal Statement About Fraud Arrest

November 12, 2012

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Funeral Divas Inc Issues Formal Statement About Fraud Arrest

Funeral Divas Inc Founder Muneerah Warner sent us an email this morning issuing a statement regarding the fraud arrest that lead to the abrupt cancellation of the Funeral Divas first Innovation Seminar in Chicago last week.

On November 7th while Funeral Divas, Inc.’s first Continuing Education Conference was taking place the founder of Funeral Divas was detained by police because the hotel contract was unpaid. According to the Aloft Chicago O’Hare Hotel the contract was supposed to be paid on November 9, 2012. The conference rooms were being held with a board members credit card but unfortunately, half way through the conference the board member chose to ask police to remove her card from reserving the conference rooms. This resulted in the detainment of the founder of Funeral Divas, Inc. and as a result the conference was cancelled.

We have temporarily unpublished our Facebook page and Twitter account to prevent further damage to our reputation. The best we can do now is clear up the rumors. First of all, the conference was not a scam. All courses were approved by the funeral boards of Illinois and Indiana. The founder was detained and released on her own recognizance. She was not charged with a crime. Funeral Divas, Inc. has not lost any money and there was no check fraud or any kind of fraud.

We hope that after everything is settled and major reconstruction of the organization has taken place; we can resume our status as the largest association of Women Funeral Professionals. For now the Funeral Divas new product line, burial relief fund for Children, Educational Conferences, local events, and newsletters are postponed.

As you know, Muneerah Warner founded Funeral Divas, Inc. to encourage and support women. This organization has achieved more than we could ever dream or imagine. We have found dozens of jobs, given support to families, and provided camaraderie for women.

We apologize if this matter has offended members, women in the funeral industry or industry professionals. In the near future we hope to establish a new relationship with our members and the community. Your membership is appreciated and honored. If it was not for your support the organization would not exist.

A Funeral Diva is a Distinguished Woman who Contributes to the creation of a Funeral Ceremony!

Respectfully Submitted,

Funeral Divas, Inc.