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Going Out With a Bang, Man’s Ashes Scattered By Fireworks?

July 7, 2010

Going Out With a Bang, Man’s Ashes Scattered By Fireworks?

image Tom Moore was a man who loved fireworks. And like all fireworks fans he was a fan of July 4.

When he died in May at the age of 70, his wife Ann and friends at Santore & Sons Fireworks decided on an original way to mark his passing: he would be cremated and his ashes scattered in a Independence Day fireworks display.

“It’s definitely a way to go out with a bang,” Anthony Santore, who is making the fireworks containing Tom Moore’s ashes, told AOL News. “The final party, the final hurrah, is the fireworks show.”

They won’t be alone. Around 200 people are expected to show up at the event on Sunday at Lake Disston in Florida. There will be a barbecue, corn on the cob and canoes so people can enjoy themselves even as they say their goodbyes to Tom.

“Tom particularly was a very outgoing personality,” Ann told AOL News. “I think he’s directing things from up there.”

Tom’s ashes will be scattered by 1,500 booms and explosions of color, all provided by Santore & Sons.

The company is not entirely new to this business. Gary Delia, a salesman for the company, drives a hearse with the words “Out With A Bang” emblazoned on the side. He markets the “ariel burial” service to local bikers and says it’s growing in popularity among others too.

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“”It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a traditional funeral,” Delia told AOL News. “And a little bit more fun.”

The method even has celebrity fans. In 2005, hard-living journalist Hunter S Thompson had his own unique method of ash-dispersal. In accordance with his final wishes, his ashes were shot out of a 150-foot cannon in Aspen, Co. Hundreds of well-wishers showed up to pay their respects, including Johnny Depp and Sean Penn.

Ann says that seeing her husband go up in explosions of color and smoke will be “bittersweet.”

I’ll be “delighted that he can once again bring a smile to people’s face but at the same time I miss him terribly,” Ann told AOL News. “It’s going to be nice to have the support of family.”

Still, she knows that her big-hearted husband would approve of the send-off given his long-time love of fireworks.

“For those who knew him, this is most appropriate,” Ann said. “Don’t all men love something that goes bang?”

Photo: Courtesy of Ann Moore