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Funeral Service Makes List of Inappropriate Places Men Admit to Checking Sports Scores

January 30, 2012

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Funeral Service Makes List of Inappropriate Places Men Admit to Checking Sports Scores

It seems there’s nowhere men won’t check the score of an NFL game. According to a survey released today by Yahoo! Sports, the No. 1 sports destination on the Internet, more men check NFL scores than women (82% vs. 65%), and are more likely to check scores at some improper locations. The survey of 1,500 U.S. adults ages 18 to 64 indicates that 25% of male fans have checked a score while using the bathroom, and 4% have even looked at scores during a funeral. Other out-of-line locations where men have checked NFL game scores include:

  • In a class (22%)
  • On a date (18%)
  • At a wedding (12%)
  • At a child’s school event (12%)
  • At a church service (8%)

Other key findings include:

Willing to Pay Big Bucks?

Tickets to this year’s Super Bowl are selling for prices ranging from $2,500 to over $14,000, but the football fans surveyed would only be willing to spend $407 on average to see their favorite team play in the game. Men in general are willing to shell out more money for a ticket ($480), but young men are willing to pay the most ($606).

America’s Game?

With patriotism high as we start a presidential election year, a majority of Super Bowl watchers (65%) agree that an international city should not host the game. Older adults are the most adamant about the Super Bowl remaining in the U.S., with 69% of men and 70% of women over 35 agreeing.

Game or Commercials: Men vs. Women

When it comes to why viewers tune into the Super Bowl, the majority of men (67%) say the game is their favorite aspect, while most women (58%) rank watching the commercials as their favorite part of the event.

After the game is over, women (and men) can visit the Big Game Ad Network on Yahoo! Screen, Yahoo!’s newly launched video destination, to re-watch their favorite commercials and catch ones they missed.

Fan Favorite

75% of fans have a favorite player, and this player is typically selected based on his on-field performance (41%), followed by the team he plays for (33%). 13% of female football fans and 5% of male fans admit to choosing their favorite player based on

Tom Brady’s Eyes

16% of fans know the color of Tom Brady’s eyes: blue. Young men and women are more aware of Tom’s eye color than older fans, and 35% of fans don’t care.

“I was on fire during the 2011 season, predicting the correct outcomes of most NFL games, so I can confidently make a prediction about the Super Bowl,” said Yahoo! Sports NFL Columnist Michael Silver. “This year’s game will bring an exciting end to a compelling NFL season, with a hard-fought clash on the field and plenty of celebration off of it—and fans can find the BEST Super Bowl XLVI coverage on Yahoo! Sports.”

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