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FD Suits Offers Suits For Less Than 50% Retail

September 3, 2012

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FD Suits Offers Suits For Less Than 50% Retail

It seems like just yesterday that I was beginning to explore career paths while in high school, and today I realize that it has been 21 years since entering Funeral Service!  Having worked at-need for 9 years, taught at Gupton-Jones College for 1 year and recently spending 11 years in Pre-need, I have seen the funeral business from several angles and witnessed drastic changes along the way. As much as things have changed, “the look” of the Funeral Professional has not.

This is an industry that is dependent on a professional image 7 days a week, at all hours of the day and night. We always dress appropriately out of respect for the deceased and their families. From the time we pick up a body, whenever that may be, until we return to the funeral home after the burial or memorial service, we’re on duty and seen throughout the community. You know as well as I do, this is a difficult job and it is tough on clothes.

The dilemma we face is how to look professional, but not spend a fortune on clothes, especially suits. Whatever we buy has to look good and not wear out too quickly. No other profession wears a suit to wash a car, move flowers, etc.  The duties aside from the actual funeral are endless but we are still expected to look professional.  Plus, who really wants to go shopping for a suit on that rare day off?

I have a solution to all of these problems. It’s called FD Suits and the FD stands for “Funeral Director”. I formed the company in late 2011 and am proud to have served over 300 funeral homes in that time.  We exclusively purchase suits from a U.S. manufacturer and resell them at prices less than 50% of retail directly to funeral home employees.

Even better you’ll be able to do this at our website:

No more shopping trips and the entire staff, male and female, can be wearing suits that fit, which are made from the same material.  Our suits are sold as “suit separates”, meaning you buy the coat and as many pants as you like.  As you know, pants always wear out before a coat.  When using FD Suits, you can replace worn or damaged pants preventing you from having to buy an entire new suit!

Our complete clothing line consists of men’s and women’s suits, 100% wrinkle-free dress shirts, 100% silk ties, outer wear and embroidered golf apparel. We offer free shipping, even if you need to return something.  Truly, there is no risk for giving us a try!

We are excited and proud to offer an alternative to an essential part of your image. We believe our selection of affordable, American-made, suits, blazers, trousers, and skirts, which can be conveniently purchased on the Internet, is a resource that’s long overdue.  We look forward to doing business with you very soon.