Funeral Industry News showcases Elegant Biodegradable Urns

August 6, 2009 showcases Elegant Biodegradable Urns

Beautiful Urns proudly announces the launch of its website,, featuring its full line of elegant eco-friendly

cremation urns. 

Urns by Beautiful Urns are hand-crafted in the

USA from unfired clay using environmentally friendly materials. They

are finished with water-soluble metallic colors which are completely

non-toxic, and are completely Earth Friendly in every way . The urns

are suitable for temporary display and are suitable for both land and

sea burial. When used for land burial, they will completely break down

in 2 to 3 months, depending upon the climate. When dispersing the

cremated remains at sea, the bio urn will begin to sink in ten to

fifteen minutes and will fully degrade in approximately 30 minutes.


of the Bio Clay Urn in the early 1990s, the company has expanded its

offerings to meet the increasing demand for attractive biodegradable

urns. Consumers now may choose from styles such as Praying Hands,

Lilies, and Dolphins or our Waterfall, and will soon offer other styles

as well . While there are standard colors for each style, all are

available in any variety. Special requests are quickly processed and


For more information, visit or call to speak directly to the creator of our Urns to learn more about what  can offer to your customers (949)218-3405.