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Continental Computers includes integration with FrontRunner Professional's WebSuite in latest release of Directors Assistant

October 17, 2011

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Continental Computers includes integration with FrontRunner Professional's WebSuite in latest release of Directors Assistant

Combining the strengths of Continental Computers proven Directors Assistant program and FrontRunner Professionals WebSuite and strategic web based marketing initiatives; these two great companies have come together to create a truly seamless integrated solution for their new and existing clients.

Through the use of the API connector kit, the connectivity of these two programs will provide increased efficiency and overall performance by data only needing to be entered once and have it flow between the two systems and out to the extensive Matrix of online initiatives. Working in concert these comprehensive tool sets will help funeral professionals reach further and more effectively compete in today’s changing markets.

Wes Johnson of Continental Computers cites – “We always look for ways to help our clients more efficiently and effectively manage their business. We are proud of the track record we have with funeral professionals and given the advanced web-based solutions FrontRunner has developed, we feel that the connectivity has instantly allowed the Directors Assistant program to be the solution of choice for firms looking for a completely integrated total solution.

Kevin Montroy, President and founder of FrontRunner adds “We have always respected the investment and the relationships that funeral professionals have with their existing management software vendors and local website developers. As both funeral professionals ourselves and technology leaders, we know all too well of the technology companies and new schemes that attempt to take advantage of firms rather than help them. It drives us harder to aid professionals countering these deceptive companies who capitalize on others losses.

We are working with the professions top technology leaders to help funeral professional’s change the way families and communities interact with them by using cutting edge technology and sophisticated market drivers incorporated into our WebSuite 5.0รด.

Given the upstanding reputation of Continental Computers and solid performance of the Directors Assistant program, we were more than pleased to forge and alignment together.

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