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Ad Spoofs Funeral Directors on Obama Health Plan, Watch The Video

August 27, 2009

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Ad Spoofs Funeral Directors on Obama Health Plan, Watch The Video

image A liberal advocacy group goes for some gallows humor in its latest ad support President Obama’s healthcare proposals. The spot focuses on the push by Obama and many Democrats for a government healthcare plan that would compete with private insurers. The insurance industry is dead set against it, saying it would put insurers out of business and offering a series of concessions to stop the proposal in its tracks.

Tuesday, the industry’s main lobbying group told the Senate Finance Committee it would do away with an insurance surcharge that affects 5.7 million women and offered to accept new consumer protections.

In the ad, two men complain about the public plan option.

“It’ll be a disaster for us,” one says.

“A public healthcare plan means affordable healthcare for everyone,” the second says. “You know what that means.

“Healthy people living longer,” the first answers.

“This guy’s killing us,” the second chimes in.

The camera pans out, and it turns out the men aren’t insurance lobbyists. Instead, they’re funeral directors.

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Disclaimer: In no way does this post reflect or our advertisers as supporters of the Democratic or Republican Party. Just posting a funny video.