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Multiple Georgia Funeral Homes Operating Without a License

October 2, 2011

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Multiple Georgia Funeral Homes Operating Without a License

Albany, GA — Would you go to a funeral home with an expired license?

“Not if one of my family members got to go. I wouldn’t trust them,” says Cornelius Crawford of Albany, one man who would speak with FOX 31 about this. “Everything you do you’ve got to have a license these days.”

On Wednesday, FOX 31 received a call from a citizen concerned about Meadows Funeral Home in Albany having an expired license. According to Steve Lindsey, Executive Director with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, Meadows Funeral Home’s license expired on June 30th and the funeral home has not renewed.

FOX 31 visited Meadows Funeral Home Wednesday afternoon to check on their expired license.

No one there was able to answer questions.

Meadows Funeral Home isn’t the only funeral home in the area listed with a lapsed license. According to the Secretary of State’s website, Lee-Allen Funeral Home Inc., Oaklawn Chapel Funeral Home and Fields Funeral Home also have expired licenses.

FOX 31 went to visit Oaklawn Chapel Funeral Home, which is listed on the Secretary of State’s website at 611 N. Jefferson. It’s no longer a funeral home, but rather accounting offices.