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Three Leading Funeral Industry Companies Come Together to Introduce VELOCITY

September 23, 2011

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Three Leading Funeral Industry Companies Come Together to Introduce VELOCITY

To truly compete in today’s changing markets, businesses need a solution to reach out and meet consumers’ changing demands for more information, efficiency and convenience. If you were to create the must-have wish list of what your dream management solution would do today, it might include things like efficiency, productivity, accuracy, single data entry, interactivity with families and your communities, seamless flow to your website, the internet, the new social media network, and be in sync with your vendor partners.

Today the wish list is more than a dream thanks to the visionary efforts of three of the profession’s leading companies.

Introducing VelocityTM: it will change the way you look at management systems forever.

The word “velocity” accurately describes this software’s ability to provide a single-entry system where data flows effortlessly and swiftly from front to back-end applications. VelocityTM excels due to the robust architecture and utilization of Cloud computing, providing a fast, accurate and secure data repository. This innovation removes the need to purchase and maintain costly servers while connecting multiple funeral home branches without the need for complex networking.

“The cloud server securely maintains and constantly backs up clients’ data and provides the speed and efficiency to flow the data to all areas within system” says John Lawrence, software developer with SRS.

Thomas Pontone, President of Matthews Funeral Products Division, says, “Helping forge the alliance of these two great companies is consistent with Matthews’ desire to bring trusted technology leaders together and provide them with the support and resources to help enable and empower funeral professionals rather than Matthews owning and controlling the customers’ technology and data. Simply put, we want to ensure that our valued customers have technology that works for them, not against them.”

You can measure data velocity in several ways. How quickly do you procure the data from your family and what do you do with it once it is received? Can you imagine the family providing you that information before the arrangement conference? Would this be useful? VelocityTM gives the director the ability to accept data the family enters into their web site, upload it to the VelocityTM management area and prepare documents for the family’s signature. Once the conference is complete, the data streams automatically to the funeral home web site and is available to be sent to your vendor partners and state EDRS agencies.

Kevin Montroy, President of FrontRunner, adds, “VelocityTM is more than just a product, it is an entirely new way of thinking. VelocityTM helps funeral professionals work smarter, faster and be more profitable, enabling them with all the tools they need to reach further and rapidly grow their business.” SRS’s proven experience and expertise with business management solutions for Funeral Homes, Cemetery and Crematories was key to the advent of VelocityTM. It allows us to remain focused on our strategic web-based initiatives and expand the capabilities of VelocityTM together. This combined approach brings a completely new level of Total Business Solution to the profession.

Scott Simons, President of SRS, agrees. “VelocityTM allows us to use all of the core strengths and features of ProcessionTM, our leading management software, as a basis for this newly integrated platform that powers VelocityTM. The joint development of VelocityTM with FrontRunner has instantly combined our programming, support and creative teams whose focus is assembling a ‘best in class’ solution for the Funeral Profession. With the addition of the distribution channels through Matthews, VelocityTM will collectively bring a new standard of excellence to all of our existing and future clients.”

The Virtual Showroom is integrated within VelocityTM and can be displayed within the firm’s integrated website or incorporated into the arrangement process, and includes images of selected merchandise that can be added to a contract. Agency quality marketing, advanced personalization with DVD and print, along with the profession’s most advanced website and strategic web based initiatives are also an integral component.

VelocityTM simplifies and organizes your daily schedule, pools resources and automatically completes tasks to help you run your business and strategic marketing as a streamlined, efficient machine. Funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematories can now realize the benefit of our alliance which will in turn give you the competitive advantage you have only dreamed about.

Interested in giving your business VelocityTM? Visit us online at or inquire with your local Matthews representative.