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Take The Remembrance CounselorÆ Pledge

July 8, 2011

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Take The Remembrance CounselorÆ Pledge

Remembrance Counselors nationwide are reshaping public perception regarding the stereotypic image of the funeral director/ mortician/ undertaker. “The funeral profession is a service business like any other service business no matter how special and unique we may think it is,” said Mark Davis, CEO of ValMark Memorial Group. “Many funeral directors fail to take advantage of business opportunities that help them achieve true professional success. There is no question that as a funeral director you recognize the competitive nature of our profession, however most will not take the necessary action to gain a competitive edge. Your success and growth will be determined by what sets you apart.” Over 100 funeral directors in 21 states became Remembrance Counselors within the first week that the program was launched. 

The Remembrance CounselorÆ distinguished designation, CRC was developed specifically for state licensed funeral directors by Mark Davis, a licensed funeral director with over 30 years of hands on experience. Mark has personally arranged thousands of final arrangements with families from all walks of life. The Remembrance CounselorÆ professional designation, CRC is designed to provide you with a meaningful way to distinguish yourself and your firm from other funeral professionals. The CRC Handbook included with certification will provide you with the key that you need to unlock the door of remembrance. Included you will find valuable information about personalization, event planning and what motivates your client families. It explains in detail, proven techniques that will allow you to determine exactly what is important to each particular family in creating a meaningful and memorable life tribute. You will learn how to engage families in order to uncover the personal interests and life attributes of the deceased. Families will openly and willingly reveal the deceased’s personality traits, interests, hobbies, habits, preferences and traditions. In return you will earn their trust and respect as a caregiver who they will rely upon to offer guidance in helping them to honor their loved one in a way that will promote healing and well being. The trust you develop while collecting the life experience information of the deceased allows the family to let their guard down and relax into the process. They will quickly recognize the value of your Remembrance CounselorÆ certification and gain confidence that you possess the necessary knowledge and skills required to create a personalized service designed expressly for them.

“Many funeral directors have become complacent, focused on providing only the services and merchandise that that they want to offer, losing sight of the needs of the families they serve,” said, Mark Davis. “The result is lost market share, plummeting revenue and shrinking profit margins.” Remembrance Counselors adapt by offering new products and services crucial to remaining relevant and competitive. Being a successful funeral director doesn’t just happen. Successful funeral directors are engaging, enthusiastic and receptive to new ideas and opportunities. Successful funeral directors are solution providers who go the extra mile to come up with innovative ways to deliver those solutions. They are successful because they are always scoping out something to offer that is truly distinctive, and they communicate that value to their communities. Successful funeral directors search for change, respond to it and exploit it as an opportunity to outsmart the competition, get to the consumer first, and gain a bigger market share. It’s your choice, Innovate or Evaporate!

Remembrance CounselorÆ / Remembrance Memorial CareTM is a dynamic community based program brought to you by funeral industry public relations powerhouse ValMark Memorial Group, creator of Veterans & Family Memorial Care (VFMC), which now has over 1000 family owned funeral home providers across all 50 states, visit: To learn more about becoming a Certified Remembrance Counselor visit: or call toll free: (866) 770-6791.