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Price Shopper Awareness Week: May 23 – 27, 2011 Mike Kubasak & Robin Heppell Tackle This Hot Topic Head On!

May 20, 2011

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Price Shopper Awareness Week: May 23 – 27, 2011 Mike Kubasak & Robin Heppell Tackle This Hot Topic Head On!

Mike Kubasak and Robin Heppell are hosting a free, four-part series where they are going to share their expertise on the topic of winning funeral price shoppers.

Two years ago, Kubasask and Heppell trained over 800 funeral professionals on how to handle with price shoppers during the week-long, free training sessions. This year, they will expand their focus to include cremation price shoppers and online price shoppers.

The trend of the cremation rate increasing, coupled with the recession has amplified the question for consumers, “How much does a cremation cost?” Over 1/3 of Americans and over 2/3 of Canadians are now choosing cremation according to Cremation Association of North America, August 2010 Report: “2008 Statistics and Projections to the Year 2025: 2009 Preliminary Data.”

Another area of focus will be how to engage consumers who start their shopping online. Nearly all consumers – 97% – now use online media to shop locally according to BIA and the Kelsey Group. Harnessing the power of Google, Social Media, YouTube and email are often overlooked when funeral homes are planning their price shopping strategies.

The reason why having the skill to win price shoppers is so important is that many markets have become more competitive and a funeral home only gets one chance to serve that family – or else the competition does.

Heppell states: “The skill of how to win price shoppers (both online or over the phone) is the number #1 revenue generating skill a funeral director can have! This is because all of the funeral home’s marketing has worked to this point and then the funeral home is either going to win this call – or not, and if not, all of their marketing efforts have been for not!”

Price Shopper Awareness Week Schedule:

Tuesday: 10 Biggest Mistakes Funeral Directors Make When Dealing With Price Shoppers

Wednesday: 7 Quick Tips to Win Online Shoppers

Thursday: Painful Realities of Losing Price Shoppers

Friday: 9 Keys for Winning Cremation Shoppers

Funeral directors can take advantage of these free training sessions by registering now. All trainings will be recorded if one can’t attend the live event, but the recordings will only be available for a limited time only. Many firms used these recordings for staff meetings and training.

Register today at:

To take the first step in winning over Price Shoppers by attending this informative and entertaining session.