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Wilbert Announces Promotions and Reorganization

April 13, 2011

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Wilbert Announces Promotions and Reorganization

imageWilbert Funeral Services, Inc. in Broadview, Illinois announced the following promotions and reorganization.

Terry Whitlock, 25 year veteran of the Company, and formerly Interim President, will take on the new responsibility of Executive Vice President-Licensee Relations. Terry will be Liaison to Wilbert Licensees and will be overseeing Inside Sales, Fieldmen and lead the conversion of competitive units back to Wilbert brand vaults.

Michael Bogacki, previously Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, will expand his duties to that of overseeing all operations including warehousing, distribution and manufacturing. Bogacki has been with Wilbert Funeral Services since 2009.

Mark Klingenberger was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He had been acting in an interim position since March 2011. Mark will be responsible for all the business development managers as well as the creative department, conventions and his team will carry the overall responsibility for brand awareness and improvement. Klingenberger has been with Wilbert since 2005.

As part of the reorganization of Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. under the majority control of Suhor Industries, Inc., certain administrative functions are anticipated to be consolidated into the Suhor home office in Overland Park. This effort is an attempt to realize cost and other operating efficiencies and re-focus Wilbert as the preeminent name in burial vault products. Ms. Judy Rossom, Treasurer and Chief Accounting Officer of Wilbert, has resigned to pursue other interests. Wilbert thanks Ms. Rossom for her over ten years of service to the Wilbert family of companies and we wish her well in her future endeavors.

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