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Should Batesville Have Partnered With Another Vault Company?

November 23, 2010

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Should Batesville Have Partnered With Another Vault Company?

imageWe haven’t talked about the new Endura burial vault from Batesville in a few weeks, but some follow up conversations with a few funeral homes who are in the current Ohio test market for Batesville has prompted this video. There have been a few concerns voiced by the funeral directors who have contacted me that have us wondering how Batesville will handle the situation. One of the most important things about the burial vault sectored of the funeral industry is service. Batesville has mastered the service side of the casket business, but the vault side is a whole new ball game. Batesville is facing a few obstacles that have many people asking, “Should Batesville have partnered with another vault company to launch the Endura burial vault?”.

Watch the video below to hear my thoughts on their situation. Please leave your comments below. We want to hear from you.

Should Batesville Have Partnered With Another Vault Company to Release the Endura Burial Vault? from on Vimeo.