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Is Your Competitor Sending Out Surveys to Families You Served?

November 17, 2010

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Is Your Competitor Sending Out Surveys to Families You Served?

imageI received the following email from a member, who would of course, like to remain anonymous. It was brought to the funeral homes attention that the families they were serving were receiving a suspicious survey. The email and survey are below:

It came to our attention that our families have been receiving surveys from: National Consumer Interest Agency, Funeral Service Division, located in Charlotte, NC. After failing to find such organization, I suspected this came from our direct competitor based on the questions asked on the survey. I questioned them on this, and of course they don’t know anything about it. What’s interesting about this, is the postage paid envelope is going back to a residential address in Charlotte. I contacted the resident, and of course she had no idea what I was talking about. I still believe this is from our competition (Funeral Home Name Removed) but wanted to rule everything else out before I pursue this further with regulatory agencies in our state. Would you be willing to place this on CD, to see if there is any feedback from others on this?

Click below to see the survey.

Front Page of Survey


Back of Survey:

The funeral home names that were filled in on this survey were removed by request. I did a search for the National Consumer Interest Agency, Funeral Service Division and could not find anything. I think the sender of this email is correct and that this is a competitor collecting data.

What do you think? Have you been experiencing this or something like it in your area? Please share below in the comments.