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Caleb Wilde Responds to Harsh Blog Critics

May 9, 2012

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Caleb Wilde Responds to Harsh Blog Critics

Article by Caleb Wilde

Last week I posted an article called, “Caption This: Creepy Hearse Show.” It was meant to be satire, but — like many of my satire pieces — managed to stoke some tempers and offend some readers (remember my Mark Driscoll post?)

In response to my post I was called “narrow minded” by Clarence Williams, “snotty” by Bryan Moore, a “disturbing example of the ever-growing number of intolerant, judgmental, arrogant Christians who want everyone else to live by their rules” by Jeff Perrin, “creepy” by both “Andrew.” and “Gulgamesh”  and finally — my favortite — I was indicted as one who is “simply speaking from (my) rectum” by “Beladona_13.”

So as a peace offering that I’m sure won’t placate my detractors, nor atone for my snobbish rectum talk, here’s some of those hearse collector items on display.

And to be honest, it is pretty neat to see these vehicles find new life.  All satire aside, hearses are great vehicles that rarely have major mechanical issues.  They are built well and die hard.  Personally, and pragmatically, I have no problem — in fact I appreciate the individuality — of anyone who restores and rocks the hearse on the road.  I, for one, would have an awesome time at a hearse show … and if there’s any near Parkesburg, I’ll be sure to go.

So, please accept my honest apology and sincere appreciation of your art and restoration of retired hearses.

And for the record: a snob I am not. Nor am I narrow-minded, judgmental, or intolerant. I may be creepy at times, but not so much that my personality could be described as macabre. An ass who sometimes speaks from my rectum … well, at times … yes. Yes, that criticism may be true.